Let's develop a real digital strategy together!

In order to boost your digital business, our agency will help you develop a turnkey and scalable digital strategy.

The web agency that will meet all your needs

Entrusting your web project to our web agency means forging partnerships and strategic relationships with a team of experts who can meet all your needs, especially in terms of :

  • Design & creation of websites
  • Graphic design & webdesign
  • Implementation of digital strategy
  • Web referencing & webmarketing

Our technical & creative know-how

The interest of dealing with a web agency lies mainly in the fact that it alone brings together all the know-how essential to the success of your project:

Web development

  • Process of writing a website in a technical and computer language
  • HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS…

Graphic design & webdesign

  • A set of steps required to design a website, just like asso mode.
  • The webdesign is based on two main pillars namely the UX design and the UI design.

Natural referencing

  • Optimization of your website so that it appears in first position in the SERPs
  • On-page optimization (keywords, internal mesh…) & off-page optimization (link building…).

Web marketing strategy

  • A strategy on which your web performance is based.
  • A strategy that will allow you to orchestrate all the actions aimed at making your company known on the web.

Web & mobile development

So that you can be at the forefront of technology and perpetuate your business, our agency ensures the development of your website and mobile applications based on the best technologies.

Which technologies for your projects?

In order to take advantage of the different web technologies, they must fit exactly with the nature of your project and your needs.

Thus, while HTML and CSS are recommended for the creation of so-called “static” websites, dynamic web platforms are written in PHP, .NET or JSP. As for content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, PrestaShop, Joomla, Magento…, they are interesting to manage the content of a website, a blog, an e-shop… Moreover, if you want to create a custom website, such as SEXY lingerie, it seems more judicious to use a Framework.

Web design & graphic design: enhancing your image

It’s clear that a well thought-out, quality design will enhance your brand, allow you to deliver the right message and provide a distinguished experience for your visitors.


Mapping user needs and how they operate to customize the functionality of the website.


An approach allowing to limit if possible the tasks in progress in order to fluidify the project development process.


The tree structure represents the structure as well as the organization of content and information.


UX or user experience refers to the emotional experience of a user with a web interface or application.


Wireframe or mock-up or zoning or functional mock-up means a visual representation of a user interface.


A responsive design is a design that is designed to be adaptable to different screen sizes, which is the case of the www.fashion-et-trendy.com website.

Boosting your positioning with our agency

Quality Netlinking

One of the pillars on which any SEO strategy is based, netlinking is the off-site optimization of a website. Its DNA is the creation of backlinks to boost the popularity, visibility and positioning of the website on SERPs.

A quality netlinking goes inexorably through an assessment of your keywords, the optimization of your content, the analysis of broken links and especially through the implementation of “White Hat” strategies such as linkbaiting, guest-blogging, editorial partnership, directories …

SEO Audit
An SEO audit is a diagnosis with the aim of identifying the various elements hindering or blocking the SEO performance of a website. This leads to the continuous improvement and optimization of your SEO strategy.

SEO writing is a style of web writing whose objective is to give life to content that meets the requirements of Internet users and search engine recommendations. It allows to optimize the SEO performance of a website.

In SEO, keywords refer to the words and phrases used by Internet users in search engines. Well chosen and optimized, they allow you to bring more traffic to your website.